PPPOE Connection Dropping

  • I have used PPPOE with pfsense for over 2 years. I recently changed hardware to a watchguard X750e because the server that was running pfSense was simple getting old and basically died from kernel panics or some PCI interface corruption that I didn't want to spend time tracing down. I did get a full config backup from the system and used that to configure the watchgaurd. That is beside the point though, I moved to a Watchgaurd with the matching configuration, just had to reassign interfaces.

    Since moving to the watchguard I have been having trouble with my PPPOE connection not re-establishing after losing replies to LCP packets. The pfsense closed the LCP and tries to restart PPPOE. I can packet capture the whole re-connection attempt and the pfSense sends a PADI packet, the Access Concentrator responds with a PADO but the pfsense does nothing with it. The PADO does not include a Service-Name but that hasn't seemed to be an issue previously. There are 2 ways I have been able to recover the connection, reboot the watchgaurd or move the PPP interface assignment to another interface, neither are ideal.

    Initially I had the PPP interface assigned to msk2 and the reboot was the solution I used. Today I didn't want to restart the watchgaurd because I was still connected over my secondary WAN connection. I moved the PPP interface from msk2 to sk3 and the PPPOE session immediately reconnected. I don't know if there is a bug in pfSense, a bug with the msk interface type or there is a problem with the ISP. I had spent most of last week speaking with the ISP trying to blame it on them but they won't really have much of it anymore because they say their modem works fine and they won't support a scenario that doesn't use there modem.

    Anyone have any thoughts? If ppp logs from the pfSense or packet captures of the PPPOE sessions would help I can certainly provide those, just didn't want to overload initially with information if there is a simple fix that I am missing.

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