Can't Install or Boot! Intel Drivers: IGB0 EEPROM Checksum Is Not Valid

  • Hello, this is my first post. And I've been using pfSense for a while now. But I've only been stopped by this error: 'IGB0: The EEPROM Checksum Is Not Valid', and then it refuses to continue the boot process..

    Well, the network card I use is an Intel PCI-E i350-AM4 quad gigabit port server adapter. I bought it brand new in the Intel box and packaging.

    I will come back to this post tomorrow, since I need to get some sleep..

    Thanks in advance!

  • Bump!
    I'm sorry, but I need this to be working in soon!

  • what version of pfsense?

  • The latest version.

  • Can you try a 2.2 snapshot?

  • I could, but how would I download it?

    Thanks for responding.

  • as far as i know there are no known drivers for the i350 series, that work with pfSense 2.1.x (the underlying OS is too old)

    the alpha releases of pfSense 2.2 are based on the new FreeBSD 10, and they should include drivers for your NIC.
    you have to realize that these ALPHA builds, are still being actively developed, and may break at any time. (but a lot of people are using them allready for testing purposes)

  • I have 2.1.4 working with the i354 adapter, the igb driver was backported and now works.  That being said I am not sure what the differences are between the i350 and the i354 so the problem may still be driver related.
    Poco are you able to test the card in a different slot or with a different motherboard? Does your MB have IPMI?  If so I have read (google) that disabling it might help with the eeprom issue.  Also make sure all MB bios are updated etc.

    I am also using 2.2 on a test system and it has been stable for a few weeks, so that may still be the best option for Poco

  • Thanks everyone for your help!  ;D

    I am going to try to install 2.2 as soon as possible.

    And, no. I do not have an IPMI board, I've been looking for a solution, or just a cheap motherboard that'll work for a pfSense firewall for a long time, considering I hear the price is pretty high for those..
    If you could recommend a cheap motherboard that'll accept DDR3 and a cheap/integrated CPU I'd really appreciate it!  :)
    I am also unable to update the motherboard's BIOS, as I misplaced the cables for its modular PSU, I need to order a new set..  >.<

  • Netgate Administrator

    The i350 cards have been supported for a long time, they were supported before the i210. The driver is in the Freebsd 8.3 base. The much cheaper AM4 cards are confirmed to work: However there seems to be some question as to their origin. Some have suggested they are sub-standard parts comming out of China. Perhaps your card really does have bad firmware?


  • Alright, well I'm stilling trying to find a way to flash new firmware to the new firewall, without any down-time..

    Is there a way I can flash the NIC with a proper firmware? I'll need to use Linux, since Windows isn't an option at this point..

    Thanks everyone for your help!

  • There is an intel utility (eeupdate) that lets you verify, update, test, modify, and otherwise have your way with the EEPROM contents of your card, but AFAIK intel only supplies that with an NDA in place.

    There's some info on using linux 'ethtool' utility to fix checksum errors out on the net, as well as a process using other intel tools here:

  • Thanks for your help, everyone!

    I just ordered a new network card as I figured out two of my spare NICs have died. I need to at least be able to obtain an IP from the firewall to upgrade the firmware for pfSense.

    I will need to wait it ships, sorry for having this thread go idle for a bit. But I will come back to this when I get the new quad port NIC.


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