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    Salam Pfsense. Sorry mau nanya seputar instalasi Pfsense. Disini saya sedang mendapatkan sebuah project untuk pembuatan tugas akhir kuliah dengan topik Pfsense. Namun saya ada kendala dengan instalasi Pfsense. Saya ingin nanya gimana ya cara instalasi Pfsense(dari awal) dari iso yang sudah di download dan sudah diekstrak melalui "7zip" kemudian pfsense tersebut ingin di install ke sebuah hard disk suatu Blackbox(hardware yang digunakan untuk menjalankan Pfsense) agar dapat dijalankan.

    Saya dan teman2 sering menemukan instalasi Pfsense menggunakan CF(compact flash) , namun kali berbeda konteksnya yakni menggunakan hard disk. Besar harapan saya saudara - saudara sekalian yang lebih expert dapat memberikan solusi. Terima kasih.


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    Greetings pfSense. Sorry want to ask about the pfSense installation. Here I'm getting a project for the manufacture of final project topic lectures with pfSense. But I have a problem with the installation of pfSense. I want nanya how ya how to install pfSense (from the beginning) of the iso you have downloaded and already extracted through "7zip" then the pfsense want to install to a hard disk of a Blackbox (the hardware used to run the pfsense) in order to run.

    I and teman2 often found pfSense installations using CF (compact flash), but the context and different times using the hard disk. I hope brothers - sisters are more expert can provide a solution. Thank you.


    pfSense has two variants: Full & NanoBSD.  The former is designed to be installed to a hard drive or SSD.  The latter is designed to be installed to a CF card, SD card, or USB Thumb Drive and has some modification to limit the number of writes to disk.

    If you are trying to do a full install then you'll need to download the ISO, burn it to a CD, then boot from that CD and select the appropriate options as the system boots.  You should not be extracting the files from the ISO.  If you are trying to do a NanoBSD install then you will need a second computer where you can download the image, uncompress it, write it to your card (using physdiskwrite, dd, or similar), then transplant that card to the system you want to use with pfSense.

    More information can be found here:

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