Basic Installation of Pfsense

  • Good night ,

    I just wanna ask how to install Pfsense by using flashdisk, and then i can import that installation to the Harddisk in alix board.  The problem was while i had already plug the Flashdisk r, the BIOS could not boot that flashdisk directly. and i got something wrong with the interfaces, there was grub.. What is grub and how to solve it???
    I dont know how to fix it. I hope any guys could give some solution of this problem. Thank you.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Are you actually using a hard disk or a compact flash card in the Alix?


  • To boot from a USB flash drive there may be a BIOS USB legacy mode that needs to be enabled.  And maybe some additional related settings such as boot devices and boot order.

    I know this is the case on the old Dell Notebook I run pfSense on.

  • Netgate Administrator

    The tinyBIOS on the Alix is not like other standard bioses. It's not possible to boot from USB on many models AFAIK.
    The easiest way to install to a real hard drive is to do it on another box and then transfer it to the Alix.


  • Are you using mSATA and flash memory card ?
    Why not loading the image directly on the disk and booting directly from ?

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