Issue with Huawei modems

  • Hi,

    I keep getting a wierd status on the status/interfaces page when using a 3g dongle.

    The dongles i've used are Huawei E1750 and Huawei E367u-1.

    No matter which one of these i use i still get the same status:

    Cell Mode	 None, No Service Mode
    Cell SIM State	 Invalid SIM/locked State
    Cell Service	 No Service

    And I get no internet connection when this state is active.

    I use no PIN on my SIM-card and I've also tried the SIM-card and both modems on a windows computer and there they both work fine.

    Is the hardware i'm using unsupported and I need to buy a different modem ?

    If so. What modem is best to use for GSM and works 100% with pfSense ?


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