Weird problem with webinterface on 2.1.x pfsense

  • Hi,

    we have a pfsense box with version 2.1.2 with a multiwan setup. Main linke leased line, backup link ADSL.
    The problems:

    1. Sometimes we lost the ADSL connection and it does not come back automatically. Can this be solved somehow?

    2. Sometimes when the ADSL is down I cannot reach the the pfsense on its outside interface, neither on web nor on ssh.
    But when I restore the ADSL link everything works as expected.

    Can anyone advise?



  • 1 - Is this a PPPoE connection ? We don't face this problem with our PPPoE connection. It takes time, but the connection come back in the end. You may want to use the "Periodic reset" option in your PPPoE interface ?

    2 - You should concider using this option : Advanced -> Misc -> "Load Balancing / Allow default gateway switching " (CHECKED !)

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