How to install packages on an embedded system (wrap)

  • Hello,

    i've checked the Forum, but i didn't found an answer on: how to install a package (in my Case Squid) on an embedded system.
    I found in /usr/local/pkg .inc and .xml files for services like upnp, ntpd and vpn.
    I use a wrap, with 233MHz and 128 MB Ram. As flash i use 256 MB CF Card, but there are other with more size if needed.
    So, may someone please send me some links or informations, how to install squid on an embedded system?

    Many thanks.

  • Embeded not supportet packages - only full install to HDD.

  • @dvserg:

    Embeded not supportet packages - only full install to HDD.

    i know, but maybe there's someone who made this already.

  • Please search the forum!
    This has been discussed at length before.

  • There was just a post made about installing packages on an embedded system yesterday. The answer was NOT supported. It doesn't matter how many people ask or what package it is. The answer is always going to be the same.

  • I just stickied this topic since a whole bunch of people keep asking this question.  For, hopefully, the last time:

    Packages on embedded are NOT supported. 
    Not supported means we will not help you hack packages into an embedded installation.
    There are very good reasons why packages aren't supported on embedded, perhaps you should find out why.

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