VoIP Phones Not Working behind Firewall

  • Hey guys! Thanks in advance:

    Have an Asterisk box with a public IP address assigned (ex:  It is behind a pfSense firewall F1 (2.1.3), that has outbound NAT disabled on it.  Asterisk version 11.6.1 but I don't think that is the issue, although I'm compiling 11.12 right now

    All traffic is permitted to this IP from Network A.

    Network A has 20 SIP phones (mostly xlite softphones, some Polycom hardphones) also behind a pfSense firewall F2. (2.1.3)

    pfSense F2 has manual nat AOT, and everything is static port, except 5060 which is NAT'd.

    Everything registers fine, and outbound traffic works great, all calls have two-way audio.
    You can call the phones no problem for a short period of time, but then the problem is that the Phones are constantly "fading". They cannot be called by the system. Queue calls do not ring them, you cannot call them directly.

    Both pfSense boxes have "Conservative" firewall optimization settings.

    The response I get when I try to call these phones is :480 temporarily unavailable.

    What can I do? I've tried using siproxd and that seems to work most of the time (using 5060 for all phones since the firewall is the proxy) however it's not 100%, phones seem to get 'lost' all the time. Yet the phone system still says "OK" on sip show peers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    [2014-08-22 14:46:45] VERBOSE[7214][C-00002fca] chan_sip.c:    – Got SIP response 480 "Temporarily Unavailable" back from
    [2014-08-22 14:46:45] VERBOSE[17975][C-00002fca] app_queue.c:    – SIP/6438-0000b0aa is circuit-busy
    [2014-08-22 14:46:45] VERBOSE[17975][C-00002fca] app_queue.c:    – Nobody picked up in 0 ms

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