Automatically Generating Static Mappings?

  • Hello, all!

    I'm wondering… Is there a way to generate static mappings whenever a new user connects to the network?

    At the very least, is there some way to take a list of MAC addresses and easily create a bunch of static mappings with that?

    The reason I ask: I am managing a school network. I recently installed Sarg, and noticed it tracks usage based on IP address. Obviously, if a user's IP address is changing every day or two, this just won't work. There isn't much user turnover here, so I have no worries about running out of IP addresses (though I'd keep an eye on it, of course).

    One suggestion that I ran across was this: Save the DHCP settings using the backup/restore tool, make the required changes, and then restore with the updated config.

    I tried this, but here's my problem... How on earth would I go about automatically generating a form like this? (this is how it exported)



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