Pf 2.1.4 amd64 full install partitioning error 2

  • I try to install pf newly on an "old" 2.0.2 box and encounter that strange error which was described before here:

    So what i did:

    started the installer from cd and configured the geom_mirror via menu.
    partitioned the disk with a separate home-partition
    next the installer tried to make the partitions where the error appeared: see screenshot below.

    Is this a bug or a fail from my side?
    thx for any reply.

  • I see it says dev mirror in there.. I've run into this issue before as well actually. It was a while ago, but how I resolved it was to choose to install using a geom mirror but then chose "advanced setup" instead of basic. I answered all the questions with basically default values and then it installed fine..

    Want to give that a try? If that doesn't work, do you want to try booting with another live cd such a the gparted cd and just remove all existing partitions before trying to install?

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