UVerse - CARP with 13 statics assigned Virtual IPs and a filtering bridge

  • Just moved over from Mono->PFSense and am also moving from a cable provider to UVerse.

    Goal: Without NAT, use all of my static IPs seamlessly through PFSense.

    I've got 13 usable static IPs on a /28 (one reserved for the router)

    The UVerse gateway will have its firewall disabled and I plan on using the sticky-static config to map IPs to the same MACs that they're assigned in PFSense.

    PFSense has its WAN port configured on .145/28 with default gateway set to .158/28

    The WAN port and OPT1 are bridged.  With my old ISP, this was sufficient - My equipment went on a switch connected to OPT1 and all of my firewall rules work just fine.  But there were no silly UVerse limitations in play.

    I've got CARP Virtual IPs assigned with unique VIDs and passwords for .146-.157 - In CARP Status, they all show up as MASTER just fine.

    My question is, with this setup without NATting to a non-public IP on my LAN port (I don't use the LAN port and I only plan on using my public IPs), since I'd prefer to use my statics as true statics, what more do I need to do in order to have PFSense transparently let me assign static IPs to systems on the OPT1 interface side of my bridge while giving the UVerse gateway the virtual MACs it needs to be satisfied?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

  • Welp, as it turns out, the Motorola/Arris box that they gave me doesn't require sticky statics - It's strictly optional.  So I can continue using PFSense as a filtered bridge without any worries. :)

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