Upgrade Error - "Mangled Entry" - How to copy config file?

  • I recently upgraded to the latest version of pfsense via the web interface. All appeared to go well (though it took a very long time) and once rebooted, it appeared that everything had worked.

    Cue my fist reboot about 48 hours later, after quite a few config updates… I'm now getting read errors, indicating there are mangled entries. I can't get the system to boot, and trying to boot into safe mode hangs at "IPSec: Initialized Security […]".

    Normally this wouldn't be a problem, as i would just reinstall and restore from backup… problem is, I made a lot of changes in the 48 hours before the reboot, and didn't create a new backup before I rebooted.

    Is there any way to get the config file copied from the bootloader? I can see the file by doing ls in the bootloader, but don't have any options for cp or mv (or even to mount a device to copy it to).

    Alternatively, are there any apps that would allow me to access this file in OSX or Windows? Neither seem to be able to read the USB as-is.


    EDIT: Probably worth pointing out that if I do```
    more /conf/config.xml

  • Install FreeBSD in a virtual machine on your PC, attach the USB to that virtual machine, and you'll be able to access it.
    Maybe you should check http://ufs2tools.sourceforge.net/ too.

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