Internal dns resolve issues

  • hey guys…

    fist of all, thanks for great product !!

    second... have the overwrite dns server from wan dhcp option activated, plus an internal win2003 dns server, which forwards to the pfsense router... dns forwarder on pfsense is activated, dns resolution from inside to outside is fine... the win2003 is also dhcp and the dns for the clients is the 2003 server... so, actually everything works and is fine, inside to outside and inside to inside over the clients, EXCEPT the stats from the pfsense, coz pfsense its self cant resolve the local IPs... of course, due to the wan dhcp dns overwrite... it doesnt help to add entries to the dns forwarder, this affects only the client request (which resolves the win2003 anyway), not the request internally from the pfsense... how can I make the pfsense to resolve the local subnet via the win2003...? I need to extend somewhere the reverse dns for the local subnet and the domain resolution for this local dns suffix... any ideas where?

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