How to customize/change language Squid Error Pages ?

  • Hi All,
    I'm using an Alix Board (NanoBSD Install), running Pfsense 2.1.4 und have installed the available Package for Squid 2.7.9 pkg v.4.3.4.
    I read that you just have to change in the squid.conf the error directory to the one you wish.
    I found out that the squid.conf is in
    you will find squid.conf and squid.conf.default.
    I tried both, pointing the error directory to the german error pages. But I'm still seeing the english error pages when browsing over Internet.
    Does anyone has any experience with those settings/files ?
    Thanks a lot !


  • I found out that you can change the language through the WebGUI.
    I wanted to customize the page.
    But when I edit the error page in the corrpesdonding folder, even if I restart the box, I'm to able to see any change. The error page is still the same. Any Idea ?
    Also I want to copy the german folder to an other location and point the squid.conf to this folder. It seems that I'm using the wrong file in the wrong location.
    THanks !

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