VLAN + Limiter not working

  • Hi All,

    we've been using pfsense for 5 years until recently the policy for my company changed to use VLAN in the network. Been using Limiter with no problem at all until I have setup the pfsense to use VLAN.
    I have 4 vlans namely:

    VLAN 101 =
    VLAN 102 =
    VLAN 103 =
    VLAN 104 =

    All VLANs work fine except that:

    I can get the limiter to work with multiple interface card but not with VLAN, I've specified the upload and download bandwidth to any value but still the speed is always around 512kbps. Furthermore, with the limiter enabled, users on all vlan will experience high latency to pfsense interface example

    • There is no traffic shaper enabled, only the limiter.
    • Using HP 2920-24G, all vlan can communicate to each other.
    • In the firewall rule, I have allowed local LAN to local network at first rule and the 2nd rule is the rule with the limiter.

    Or is it pfsense vlan + limiter is really having a problem?

    System spec
    pfsense version 2.1.4
    NIC: HP NC360T
    CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU W3520 @ 2.67GHz
    RAM: 4GB
    HDD: 500GB

  • Start with that :
    DO NOT MIX tagged and untagged VLAN on the SAME physical Interface ! So if you plan to have a "management" VLAN with no tagging on the PF : forget it unless it has a dédicated phys interface.
    Use ONLY TAGGED Vlans for every VLAN attached to the same Phys interface!

    Concerning the limiter, be carefull, keep in mind that limiter only applies to trafic LEAVING the (any) interface. Trafic coming in cannot be shaped. So if you flood your interface from the WAN, your limiter won't be involved : trafic leaving only.
    Have a look to your Floating rules. The Wizard is sometimes tricky with rule creation. Have a check.

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