Resolved IP addresses for FQDNs in IP alias list linger after removal

  • I am having an issue directly related to this topic: System is running on 2.1.4-RELEASE (latest version).

    I added a couple FQDN's to an IP alias list, and then used that list in a block rule. When I remove a FQDN from this IP alias list, the resolved IP addresses for said FQDN continue to be included in rules using the alias. Is there a way to manually update or refresh this list (from Gui or CLI) in the system without having to reboot? Would a reboot even solve the issue (haven't tried this yet as downtime is frowned upon). Thank you!

  • Hi,

    You've probably figured this out now, but on the Firewall/Aliases page, to the top-right is a cog. If you click this, then select the table corresponding to your alias' name, you can manually delete entries without a reboot.


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