USB stick access via shell…?

  • Is there a way for pfsense to access a usb stick in the shell?

    Thank you

  • Just make a mount point in /tmp or something and mount it.
    On the console you should see a message when you plug the stick in. It usually comes up as da0.
    Drop to a prompt and make the mount point- mkdir /tmp/usb
    If it's a FAT stick from a Windows box, you need to mount as dos fs- mount_msdosfs /dev/da0s1 /tmp/usb
    You can then cd to /tmp/usb and copy files or whatever. If you are running nano, remember to mount rw if you need to copy somewhere other then tmp or var.

  • Thanks for the info.

    I should have mentioned I am running pfsense in virtual box at the moment. Is accessing a usb drive possible in that scenario?

    Good day

  • Not familiar with that. In ESXi, you can pass the device from the host to the guest. Perhaps you can do something similar.

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