Is the thread on ACK queues on asymetric link obsolete?

  • I have a 7mbit download, 712 kbit upload link and I tried to setup traffic shaping to offer a better experience to guests and personel on my 14 rooms boutique hotel. I did a bit of reading and made the following setup for my single wan dual lan (private and shared) configuration, after running the wizard:

    Queues based on Priority:

    7. qVOIP b/th 64k, real m2 128k
    6. qACK bt/h and link m2 19.134%
    5. (?)
    4. qHigh bt/h and link m2 20%
    3. qDefault bt/h 20%
    2. qLow b/th and link m2 15%
    1. qP2P bt/h, upperlimit m2 and link m2 4.7835%

    I don't care about gaming and I use L7 rules group for torrents sent to qP2P

    I put most protocols on qLow

    HTTP, SMTP and AppleRemoteDesktop on qDefault

    MSRDP, PPTP, ICMP, DNS and SNMP on qHigh

    I don't know how close to optimum I am, but any recommendations are most welcome

    My other question is that if I follow the instructions on the pinned post regarding ACK queues settings on asymetric link and run the excel, I get 38,38% on qACK for WAN and 1,02% on qACK for LAN.

    Is this ok?

    What about the other queues? Do I need to adjust them relatively for a <100% total?

    Why the wizzard gives such different outcome?

    Thanks in advance guys

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