Load balancing stops working

  • Hello,
    I have a pfsense box with multi wan.
    When something happens (a gateway goes down and then up) the load balacing never use again that line.
    I have disabled gateway checking and line quality checks (packet loss, latency).
    It seems only rebooting and/or rebuilding multi wan configuration tell pfsense to start again considering both lines.

    Can you help me?

  • The thing is far worse than expected.
    Sometime pfsense stops using a wan without no particular reason.
    It happens in two installations.
    I have found apinger stopped two times but even when it is not stopped it does not work the same.
    I suppose it is related to apinger but I am desperately searching for a workaround.
    I mean something to force pfsense to immediately start using the second wan again.

    Please help me,

  • Do your WAN connections use the same upstream GW?
    This causes issues as both connections are actually routed out the one gateway and pfsense only sets up one route to that gateway (the default WAN link).

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