Dhcp6c 100% CPU

  • dhcp6c process CPU utilization climbs to 100% within a few minutes of a cold boot.

    Everything seems fine after I drop into a shell and kill it manually.

    Installed in KVM VM with virtIO enabled from latest ISO as of 26-Aug-2014.

    Yes, the attached screen shows ~60% - I was too lazy to wait for it again.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Which snapshot?

    Anything from it in the DHCP log?

    Runs fine here on my VMs.

  • /var/log/dhcpd.log contains a lot of:

    dhcp6c[13008]: XID mismatch
    dhcp6c[13008]: no responses were received
    dhcp6c[13008]: status code for PD-0: no prefixes
    dhcp6c[13008]: status code for NA-0: no addresses
    cat /etc/version.buildtime 
    Wed Aug 27 00:08:55 CDT 2014
    cat /etc/version.lastcommit 

    I've replicated this on both 2.2 alpha and 2.1.4.

    Unticking the dhcp6 box within interface config solves this for me, but I'm not using ipv6.

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