Android phone won't connect to internet (but connects to LAN)

  • I've been having this issue a while now, and still have no idea what its about. Every now and then, my HTC Evo 3D will refuse to connect to the internet. When i turn the WLAN on, it connects to the AP, and I know the LAN access works, since i can reach the PFsense webconfig. But any websites that aren't on the local network will not load. Is there any chance there's something wrong with my pFsense config? I've not encountered this problem at all on the work's WLAN.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Are you using a separate access point or a wifi card in the pfSense box?
    It sounds like maybe your phone is receiving incorrect dns or maybe subnet details. You can check that will a suitable networking app on your phone.
    Alternatively your firewall rules might be blocking the traffic. Since it's inconsistent are you running Squid Snort? Check the logs.


    Edit: Snort not Squid.  ::)

  • "Is there any chance there's something wrong with my pFsense config?"…. we have no idea without details.  Provide a network map and details about your setup, so we can help you troubleshoot.

  • Chek you FW rules for WiFi interface.
    Check your MTUs.

    Does a PC have the same issue with Internet over WiFI ?

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