Retired SonicWALL Pro 3060

  • I have an organization who unloaded a SonicWALL Pro 3060.  Can this be used to run pfSense?  It has 64MB CF, 256MB RAM but I haven't been able to find the CPU specs.  One site said 2GHz Intel but take that with a grain of salt.  Since this is way out of warranty I don't mind cracking the seal and taking the top off … which I just might do anyway.

    If it can run pfSense, does anyone know if the RAM can be upgraded?  I don't see a console connection for local monitor so that may be troublesome.


  • I'm in a similar situation and would love to know the answer to this as well.

    I pulled the case off and it does appear that the memory can be upgraded. Seems to be standard DDR333.

  • The part Im not sure about is the sonicwall BIOS (chip with sticker on it).  Then I'm not sure how to install the pfSense on it without any sort of VGA output.  Maybe a console serial connection…?  A lot of unknowns.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Many of the Sonicwall boxes have a bios that will only boot a signed image. Try it and see. What is it booting from currently?


  • A while back I tried it with a Sonicwall 2040 Pro and I can confirm that it doesn't work. The hardware just refuses to boot with anything else other than the Sonicwall OS.

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    At least one user successfully swapped the bios rom in his Sonicwall with that from a different box. If you understand what that does you may have some idea how lucky he was.  ;) Always an option though.


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