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  • I am trying to build a pfSense firewall/router running on a my server. I want to experiment with different features offered by pfSense along with modifying the webconfigurator interface

    This needs some rewriting the PHP code along with the various xml files supplied with pfSense. I want to set up a pfSense development environment in this regard. The DevWiki on the pfSense is not showing much information at

    Anyone got any idea about how to set up pfSense development environment…??

  • Start with Virtualbox or VMware Workstation.  Build a pfSense VM with 2 or 3 NICs.  Build a client VM with Windows, Lubuntu or whatever.  I have a small home lab with 1 pfSense server with WAN, LAN and DMZ, 1 Ubuntu server in the DMZ, 2 Lubuntu LAN clients and 2 Windows 7 LAN clients.  I can get a lot more specific if required.

  • Thanks KOM.

    As you know that I want to change the user interface of the web configurator and in that I have to rewrite some PHP code of pfSense. I am using var_dump(), echo and print methods to debug the PHP, which I find very hard method of doing things.

    Do you know of any better way..?? Precisely I wanted to know what is the kinda of environment pfSense developers use  and how they debug their code as they develop. There should be some development environment to do all these…??

    Please help..

  • Is there any better method or the way to debug PHP rather than using print, print_r, echo and var_dump() methods while modifying pfSense code especially that part that related to webConfigurator..??

  • No idea.  I'm not a PHP coder.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is xdebug, but few if any of us actually use it.

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