404 Not found when browsing certains sites

  • Hi All,
    As recommanded by stephenw10, I post again here this  :

    The original post :

    Hi All,
    2.14-Release installed.
    Squid Proxy in Transparent Mode.
    When I try to access some likes, e.g. "gmx.de" instead of "www.gmx.de", I'm getting the following error :
    404 - Not Found.
    When entering www.gmx.de, so with "www" it works most time!
    But also entering "hotmail.de" it works fine.
    Does someone has any idea what this could be ?

    Then :
    "Also before I removed SquidGuard, I was  getting the error :
    "Request denied by pfSense proxy: 403 Forbidden"
    Now just "404 - Not Found". "

    stephenw10 wrote :
    Ok so it appears that Squidguard was blocking these URLs. Now you've removed it Squid is attempting to call up the Squidguard error page but it isn't there (presumably because you've removed it) so you're seeing a Squid error page reporting that. Looks like Squidguard didn't uninstall correctly.
    This is probably better asked in the packages subforum.

    Any idea please ?

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