Constant HDD activity

  • well i've been running pfsense for awhile now and its great squid is caching dansguardian is working just one thing today my HDD light has been on constantlany and i cant seem to find out why i rebooted and it still stays on i run top and i don't see anything that will cause constant activity perhaps im missing someting any help would be greatfull here is a screen shot of top pf sense box webconfig isnt slow and internet seams unaffected just wanna know what causeing this constant hard drive activity by constant i mean steady green lightno break

  • Are people always browsing?  If so, the squid is always caching.

  • …and what about logging? That could also be causing frequent disk access.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There are parts of the system that write periodically. Logs, gateway status, graphs, and several other things could be getting written to the disk, though it shouldn't be completely constant.

    If you run "top -aSH", press 'm' to switch to i/o view which will show you which active processes are writing/reading at the time. The normal top view is CPU only and wouldn't tell you much about the disk.

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