Packes and backup pfsense server - newbie question

  • hey,

    I am new to pfsense.
    we are testing out pfsense in high availability with a second pfsense server for backup to replace a couple of Sonicwall 4100.
    I read a bit and even read the pfsense cookbook.  Not read the pfsense 2 book yet.

    We installed packages on the primary via the carp interface IP.
    They work fine on the primary but dont see any packages on the secondary.
    Do I need to install the packages on the secondary too or are they supposed to be replicated?
    If they have to be installed on the secondary will the settings from the primary be replicated?

    I am really liked pfsense so far but got tons to learn.

  • You need to install every package you installed on the master, on the slave as well. And reconfigure it from scratch if that package does not offer syncing its settings to the slave (some packages do, most do not). It's not as difficult as it sounds, it's a do it once and forget it process.

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