HELP: Dual CARP/pFSync pFSense Routers + Multi-WAN + LAN + VoIP-Hybrid

  • My setup is dual pFSense routers setup with public CARP-IPs on Multi-WANs.

    1. I have my WAN's setup as Tier 1 and Tier 2 for failover when a member goes down.
    2. I have multiple public IP's on each WAN setup via CARP.

    The system I am trying to setup is a Panasonic KX-TDA200 that is hosted locally on my LAN,  for an odd reason the owner of my company wants to be able to plug VoIP phones into any network and be able to connect the phone externally to our phone system via a public IP and be able to make/receive calls.

    I am currently able to get the system to connect to the server, make calls, and receive audio ONLY.  It does not transmit audio.

    • Note:  The phone system uses a public IP in my secondary (Tier 2) WAN IP scope not my primary.

    I think I have tried everything so far with no success,  here is what I have done:

    Firewall Rules:  LAN ->  Allow Phone system ->  ANY ports (TCP/UDP) -> ANY destination
                              WANSECONDARY -> Allow ANY -> ANY ports (TCP/UDP) -> to Phone System
                              WANSECONDARY -> Allow phone system -> ANY ports (TCP/UDP) -> ANY destination

    NAT 1:1 :  Public CARP-IP -> Phone system internal IP

    Port Forward: WANSECONDARY -> (TCP/UDP) -> Any Src -> Any Ports -> Dest. Public CARP-IP -> Dest. Ports 8000-8063 and 5060-5061 -> NAT IP Phone System -> NAT Ports 8000-8063 and 5060-5061

    I have also done

    Outbound: Interface WANSECONDARY -> Source LAN -> Source Port 8000-8063 and 5060-5061 (TCP/UDP) -> ANY Destination -> Destination Ports 8000-8063 (TCP/UDP) -> NAT Address CARP-IP -> NAT Port ANY -> STATIC YES

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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