Recording detailed web traffic

  • I'm hoping that PFSense can do this, but I'm going to need some specific direction. I'm happy to pay for the help.

    I've got a SunMicro Rack Mount PC that runs PFSense, and have had for about a year. We love it. I have 3 separate networks running…my "secure" network for our devices, a "kids" network and a "Guest" network, which uses Captive Portal.

    I want to keep detailed logs of all web traffic through the "Kids" and "Secure" networks...even wireless devices. I want to see pages viewed if possible, not just websites.  IE: if someone goes to, and visits 36 pages, I want to see the 36 pages they visited.

    Is this possible, and if so...what's required?

    Thanks SO much.

  • I should add that I installed SQUID, and setup a "Transparent Proxy".

    I also installed LightSquid, but when I try to run a report I get an error.  I can answer any questions about the Squid config, or show any screenshots that might be helpful. It's important that I get this up and running ASAP.


  • I have that all setup but the reports aren't very specific, just shows mostly the, not the exact page.  Even when i had my Asus router, it actually showed a hyperlink so I could click on the exact page people were looking at.  I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't get PFsense to do this.  Im not saying it can't, just i couldn't get it to and i don't think Squid will do it, but i could be wrong.

  • Try the "urlsnarf" package, it's run from the command line but you could output it to a log file.

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