Random disconnect

  • Hi,

    I installed pfsense (1.2-RC4 built on Tue Jan 15 23:05:07 EST 2008) as the main firewall, DHCP server, Load Balance. I have about 100 users behind this box (on LAN interface).

    My users reported that they often experience random disconnect (about once every 5 minutes).
    They had to enable-disable their LAN interface in order to get back to the network.

    I thought this is due to the state table being expired too quickly.
    I set the settings to "conservative", and increase the number of states to 20,000 (I have 512MB RAM).
    But even after this, the problem persist.

    Another posting in this forum who experienced the same issue resolved it by switching LAN interface (from onboard NIC to PCI NIC). I have tried this too. I assigned OPT2 as LAN interface. But this doesn't solve it either.

    Anyone else experienced this issue? Anyone has pointer what should I try next?


    some details:
    LAN interface (em0) Intel 82573V Gigabit Ethernet Controller.
    Intel ICH7 chipset.
    Intel Lakeport 945G/P chipset.

  • A BIOS update might help too.

    Else i would try without load balance.

  • I followed the advise and turn load balance feature off.
    I deleted the pools, firewall rules, and disable OPT1.

    User reports positive result … and has been stable for 5 hours now without experiencing random disconnect.

    That makes me wonder, whether or not I made configuration error for load balancing.
    But if there were configuration error, I'd assume the load balancing won't work.
    In my case it worked beautifully, doing fail-over without missing a beat!
    I turned off modem1, it automatically goes to modem2.
    I turned off modem2, it automatically goes to modem1.

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