Squid error messages not shown when using Captive Portal

  • Hi All,
    I have set up CP and I'm using Squid where I edited the Error pages, adding pictures css etc..
    Squid is enabled for LAN and OPT1 (where CP runs).
    When browsing Internet through LAN interface, I'm able to get the different error pages.
    But when browsing through the CP, I'm not anymore able to get any of those error pages.
    What could be the reason for that ?

    Thanks !


  • Transparent Mode " on " on squid ???

  • Hello,
    Can you explain me please what you mean exactly ?
    I have transparent Mode on squid. Do you mean that is the reason why ? If Yes, why ? as far as I know,transparent Mode only means that users do not have to enter manually the proxy server in their browsers.

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