SquidGuard 1.4_4 pkg v.1.9.5 not running

  • Hi,

    I recently installed Squid 3.3.10 pkg 2.2.6 and squidGuard-squid3 1.4_4 pkg v.1.9.5. Squid is running just fine but squdGuard isn't running and I am not sure why. Does anyone installed the same as mine? Can someone help?

    THanks in advance


  • Anything in your System log?

  • thanks for your reply here are some system logs

    Aug 31 14:24:34 squid[66801]: Squid Parent: (squid-1) process 67068 exited with status 0
    Aug 31 14:24:51 php: /status_services.php: The command '/usr/local/etc/rc.d/squid.sh stop' returned exit code '1', the output was 'squid: No running copy'
    Aug 31 14:24:53 squid[31004]: Squid Parent: will start 1 kids
    Aug 31 14:24:53 squid[31004]: Squid Parent: (squid-1) process 31446 started
    Aug 31 14:27:25 check_reload_status: Syncing firewall
    Aug 31 14:27:25 php: /pkg_edit.php: [Squid] - Squid_resync function call pr:1 bp: rpc:no
    Aug 31 14:27:25 php: /pkg_edit.php: Reloading Squid for configuration sync
    Aug 31 14:27:25 check_reload_status: Reloading filter
    Aug 31 14:27:28 check_reload_status: Syncing firewall

    I just login earlier and was able to see that it is already running. Tried stopping SquidGuard, Squid was stopped too upon stopping squidguard. Started Squid manually and trying to start squidguard but no luck

    It was running again not sureĀ  what happend but I just add manual proxy on my firefox but i am getting this error in Firefox

    The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: http://google.com/

    ICAP protocol error.

    The system returned: [No Error]

    This means that some aspect of the ICAP communication failed.

    Some possible problems are:

    The ICAP server is not reachable.

    An Illegal response was received from the ICAP server.

    System Logs
    Aug 31 14:37:41 kernel: pid 74433 (c-icap), uid 9595: exited on signal 11

  • SquidGuard is started by Squid itself via the "Squid.conf".

    First you download a blacklist on the (Blacklist) page. (use shallalist for example)
    (during the update log it must read "found xx items", those are the subjects you can block from that list)

    Select the stuff you want to block and allow (Common ACL). (default access = allow)

    Pressing save and then apply in the main Squidguard (proxy filter) page will save the settings into "Squid.conf".

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