No internet connection post update

  • I update pfsense on  Thursday night. Everything appeared to be working normally. On Friday problems appeared. Post update, all of the client devices on my home network will lose their internet connection. Then after a couple of hours they are able to connect again for about 20 minutes before they go down again. During the "down" time I can VPN into the network, perform DNS Lookups using the tool  under Diagnostics. The WAN Gateway shows as up and I can ping my gateway from outside. It seems to me that none of the devices are able to do dns name resolutions.

    I have a houseful of kids who start school on Tuesday and desperately need a solution.

    If I can't find one, how do I rollback the update?

  • God no.  Don't roll back.  Unless you have some amazingly complex stuff going on, reformat and re-install from fresh new release and carry on.

  • The puzzling part is why the internet connection goes up and down.  Its up right now but will drop in 20 minutes.

  • Could simply be bad timing and an internet connection issue.  Not necessarily pfsense.

    Last time I thought pfsense was having issues it was microsoft purposely by accident breaking the no-ip service.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Is it exactly 20min cycles or do you just mean it comes and goes?
    Something else on your network decided to take over some duties?


  • It's not precisely 20 minutes.  It's just a relatively brief period followed by an extended outage. I can reach any website by its IP address but name resolution comes and goes which is strange.

  • stephenw10

    Some you said flicked a switch in my brain.  I made some inquiries and 1 of the kids added an airport express to the network to enable airplay over a set of speakers.  I have adjusted the settings on the airport express and the DNS requests/internet connections for the client machines in the network have been stable for about an hour.  Fingers crossed!  Thanks!

  • Netgate Administrator

    Nice.  :)
    Rogue devices on your network can cause all sorts of weird symptoms.


  • The situation turned out to be a little more complicated than I thought.  After making changes to the Airport Express, the connections were stable for about 2 hours and then went down again.

    A long time ago, I changed from the DNS servers provided by my ISP.  When the DNS service went down again, I changed my DNS servers back to the ones provided by my ISP.  Guess what – everything has worked without a hiccup for the 8 hours since.  For some reason, my ISP was not passing on the DNS traffic to my chosen DNS servers.  It was just a coincidence that pfsense had just been updated and the Airport Express added to my network.

    I should have known that any time something goes wrong with my network, I should start by assuming my ISP has screwed up.  It's just such a hassle to deal with their [no]help desk.

  • I have seen routes for DynDNS go down that way.  I have also seen OpenNIC DNS do the same.  Also, its not unusual that ISPs try to block any DNS other than their own.  At any rate - See.  Not necessarily Pfsense (-;

    Glad its sorted out.

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