IGMPproxy failure to assign address

  • running 2.2-ALPHA (amd64) built on Fri Aug 29 16:36:43 CDT 2014

    I am trying to set up the IGMP proxy service so that i can span it thru an OpenVPN connection. but it is currently failing (or basically not doing anything)

    currently i have my LAN subnet set as my upstream and i have an OPT interface set up and attached to my VPN set as the downstream.

    in my logs i am seeing the below
    igmpproxy: Warn: received packet from shorter (36 bytes) t7han hdr+data length (24+36)
    igmpproxy: Warn: age_table_entry: SIOCGETSGCNT failing for (; Errno(49): Can't assign requested address
    igmpproxy: Note: Removing MFC: ->, InpVIf: 0
    igmpproxy: Warn: MRT_DEL_MFC; Errno(49): Can't assign requested address

    I'm not sure where to check to resolve this as there's really no highly tunable options for the proxy.

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