Problems reaching with Squid caching enabled

  • I can never seem to get to while I have Squid caching running on my network, every time I attempt to view most pages on their site I get a 404 error with a warning about "prefetching" not being allowed. This only happens when my traffic is being routed through the Squid cache but it doesn't always happen when it is. Can anyone else confirm this?

    EDIT: Let me clarify, I can usually get to the homepage, but when attempting to reach content pages on movies or actors I seem to get blocked.

  • Not on pfSense 1.2b2/Squid 2.6.5_1-p15 I can't - I can happily browse IMDB.

  • 1.2RC3/squid 2.6.5_1-p15 and SquidGuard.  I can browse IMDB without any issue.  Even their pop up windows work (bastards).  :-)


  • I have this problem in today on 2 sites too
    This also happen with disabled squidGuard(i have special testing) .

  • Sorry, forgot to add what versions I've got:
    1.2 RC2, with Squid 2.6.5_1-p15

  • Hmmm well I guess now is like when you take your car into a mechanic with a problem that magically disappears when you get there… seems to be no issues browsing IMDB now.  ???