• I'm just wondering…Has the FTP issue for WAN 2 been resolved in the latest ver 1.0 Beta 2 ?
    (I remember experiencing it back with ver 0.95, that I wasn't able to access FTP sites to download some distros.)

    OT: I'm also testing out ClarkConnect (Home Edition with Multi-WAN snapshot code) on another test box, and it has just about everything (both their failover and loadbalancing code works)...Well, except that the login for Telstra Cable is a pain in the ass. Its because the ClarkConnect folks didn't fix or bind it to just one NIC like pfSense Devs did...So WAN 2 will try to connect to an Authentication Server intended for WAN 1! So far, everything else works well on that box.

    However, their support ain't all that good. If you ain't a customer of their paid versions, it feels like you're just brushed aside. (Their forums aren't much help either.)

    A side question: Since no one from ClarkConnect can give me any form of answer...Scott. How did you bind bpalogin to a specific NIC?

  • This is not something we are going to be able to fix for 1.0.


    Don't know what to tell you about binding of BPA, check the source as I have not ever touched the BPA specific stuff.

  • Hmmm…OK.

    So what exactly causes this FTP issue on WAN 2?
    (I'm just curious)

    OT: In regards to Linux, Multi-WAN, and Telstra Cable...I found this help.

    Why can't I connect to Bigpond cable when I have multiple or failover internet connections ?

    It does not quite apply to pfSense (but the overall idea might). The devs could look at it and see if they can implement some features in the next version based on this info. (Make it easier for the poor Aussie users who are unfortunate enough to sign up with this ISP).

  • Userland applications on FreeBSD are not multi wan capable (in a nutshell).

    The reason we get multi-wan in pf is because pf bypasses the internal routing table in this case.  So when we redirect FTP to userland, we loose multi wan capabilities.  Same holds true for squid as well.