Dial-up pppoe connections

  • Hi,

    I'm new to pfsense and i figured i want to start by setting up something basic.

    My network looks like this: I have one adsl modem/router set to bridge mode. I have another wireless access point which is also connected to the adsl modem. So far there is no WAN connection since the modem is set to function in bridge mode which requires the clients to dial up manually. There are then various clients connected over wireless/wired to both the modem and the wireless access point (both function as a hub too). The system running pfsense has two physical network interfaces (one wired, one wireless); the wired connection is tied to the LAN interface and the wireless connection is tied to the WAN interface.

    My goal is this: I want to start a DHCP server so that every client on the network gets a IP address assigned from pfsense. I then want to set up various dial-up pppoe connections that are running simultaneously and limit traffic from certain IP addresses to travel over specific dial-up connections.

    Now my question is not on how to set up a dhcp server, but instead how to create the simultaneous dial-up pppoe connections which will act as the gateway to the internet? And then how would I assign a certain IP or IP range to a specified dial-up connection?

    I'll appreciate any help and I have to apologise for my lack of skill (if this is an elementary problem) using pfsense  ;D

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