DNS problem when IPv6 Configurator Type set to DHCP

  • I have set up PfSense 2.2 under Hyper-V and for testing purposes I have two PfSense set up one is under the other.

    If I under Interfaces -> WAN sets "IPv6 Configuration Type" to DHCP6 on the firewall which is behind the first one, the second one will have no DNS-servers. If I sets it to none it will have the IPv4 DNS-servers.

    If I configure the DNS server under Services -> DHCP Server it will work fine for the clients that are connected to the firewall, but the firewall itself can't download updates while it can't resolve http://snapshots.pfsense.org/FreeBSD_stable/10/amd64/pfSense_HEAD/updates/

    Once I set "IPv6 Configuration Type" to none under Interfaces -> WAN the firewall gets the DNS-servers and I can download updates.

    The first firewall runs the snapshot from friday Aug 29 and the second firewall runs the snapshot from Monday Sep 1.

  • I upgraded both firewalls to the Wednesday Sep 03 08:16:45 snapshot and the problem remains.

  • I now have  Tue Sep 16 07:41:09 CDT 2014 versions installed on both firewalls and now it is the other way around. If I do not have DHCP6 activated I do not get any IPv4 DNS servers on the second firewall. Worth noticing is that my first firewall doesn't recieve any IPv6 DNS or IP since my provider doesn't provide that.

  • Who is your provider?

  • UPC Cablecom in Switzerland.

    The first firewall does though always get the correct DNS. Only the firewall which is behind the first firewall has problems.

  • Are both pfsense?

  • Yes, both are pfsense 2.2 snapshots now from yesterday. Both running under Hyper-V 2012 R2.

  • I now have the below version on both and it seems to work now.

    2.2-BETA (amd64)
    built on Thu Sep 18 00:35:21 CDT 2014


  • Cool - I'm glad its working

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