Send mail when doing failover

  • Hi! I've a pfsense box configured in dual wan mode and only with failover. Is it possible to let the pfsense box send an email when the connection switch from wan1 to wan2 and viceversa. One of my wan is a pay per use type, and i must know when my lan is using this line in case of failover.


  • I believe that email alerts are going to be in 1.3.

  • :-\ Ah! ok, but when it is expected? Is it possible to use a script to that without using the webgui?

  • There is no firm ETA on 1.3. There was once a package someone had made to send email alerts floating around, but the download link is long dead. If you can hack around, you might be able to rig up a script- you would need to install a mail agent of some sort, as I don't think there is one in the base system.

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