• Linux drives are pretty easy to migrate into new physical servers.
    Just pull the drive and put into a new server.
    Sometimes you need to update the UDEV, but for the most part it works.

    I do not know if FreeBSD/pfsense drives can be moved around like that.

    Or would it be better/faster to install a new pfsense and reinstall all the rules ?

  • I have an installation on a USB stick, works fine with different devices, should be no problem with a hard disk, I guess (i386/64 should make a difference, however). Do a backup of your config before, just for the case…;-)

  • I've physically moved Drives for pfSense but really bar far the simplest method is to take a configuration backup.  Install pfsense on the new hardware and run the configuration restore..

    In fact when I'm building my pfsense boxes I have a standard configuration starter which I put on the USB installer so when they boot up for the first time they are already half way done.

  • I'm curious if different MAC addresses don't mess up the if configs.
    I had a bunch of trouble with Ubuntu distros.