From vLAN no acces to IPSec & PPTP LAN

  • Hello,

    we build some vlans to separate the client subnet.

    it works, but we cant acces from the vlans our IPSec Homeoffice Routers.

    we don't know why because we set a * all rule, and can access the other vlan's.

    for the IPSec Subnet's we have Static Routes and the default LAN (vlan 1) is the Gateway.

    attached some pictures of the Interface, NAT, Statis Routes settings.

  • ping from the default LAN to the IPSec Router is ok, but from the "WLAN" VLAN to the IPSec Router lost.

    changed the LAN Rules from Source="LAN subnet" to Source=* , but not working.

  • EDIT:

    ping the remote subnet devices on the ipsec sites (fritzbox) don't work from the vlan's. But now we can reach and access the Fritzbox Webfrontend with the same IP like the pings? Why that, it is a bug? :o

  • we did a fresh install and no the access via Webfront does not work any more.

    any ideas what is wrong?

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