My multi wan home network, is pfsense what i need?

  • Hi all, the more i hear about pfsense, the more i think it's for me, but i have a question, here's a desc of my setup:
    2x dsl lines from SAME ISP (3meg/800k), to 2 modems. Each dsl line requires a pppoe session, and each has a /29 subnet once pppoe is established. (this was the cheapest way i can get 2x 800k up using round robin on my dns server).
    Is there any way I can get pfsense to work with this scenerio? Or do I have to look at a linux/bsd setup using m-pppoe daemons, then creating a whole whack of rules that i know very little about?

  • That has been answered already:
    Please search the forums before you open threads.

  • whoops, missed that one, sorry.