Stuck while trying to create custom packages?

  • I'm not sure whether this goes here or in the Packages forum.

    I am trying to create an updated DansGuardian package, starting by recompiling the same binaries, and dropping them into my installed pfsense system. Since there are no developer tools in pfsense, I was trying to install freebsd on another system and copying the files over. This is how the current package for DG was done.

    Trouble is, I haven't been able to find an Install CD/ISO for FreeBSD 8.3 . It is apparently at EOL status, and no longer available for Download from the official web site. Unofficial sites all seem to point me to the official site for the download. BitTorrent sites are blocked at my current location, as they are usually for the distribution of Warez.

    Is there an upcoming update for pfSense using FreeBSD version 9 or above in the works, or could somebody point me in the direction of an HTTP or FTP download for the full download of FreeBSD 8.3 ? I am guessing that I will need the full DVD version, since the packages don't appear to be downloadable from the official site anymore either.

    What to do?

  • I have had some issues finding updates for 8.3 until I found an article that pointed me here:
    I tired to look through the distfiles directory, but my browser kept crashing - problem on my system there.  I don't know if an install ISO is out there, but it might be possible to compile 8.3 from the source? Not the most helpful suggestion, I know, but it's all I've got that might help.  After all the trouble I've had getting Dan's to "just work" on pfsense in the last two weeks, I'm all for a new package :) Good luck!

  • After having some problems with my install, I just did a complete wipe and fresh install of pfsense. I went to grab DansGuardian, and low and behold, it has been updated already - somebody beat me to the punch!

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