Good Development Setup for pfSense

  • Hi everyone,

    For the past few weeks I have been playing around with pfSense codes and have been basically trying to solve any bugs using "echo" and "var_dump". I know this is not a good or standard practice and would seriously hinder my development progress in the future. Therefore, I would like to seek advice from fellow developers here on how I should set up my development environment.

    Current Setup:

    Pfsense on FreeBSD

    I have installed FileZilla on Ubuntu to pull files from the pfSense. After I made changes using NetBeans, I uploaded it back to pfSense using FileZilla to test my changes. Therefore, I have no way to do any breakpoint debugging. I have did a search on the forums and could not find anything related, or just that I couldnt understand.

    Please help me on this. I really wish to start contributing to the pfSense project. Thank you!

  • Hello
    The way is to enable xdebug ( the module is in the pfsense , there are some posts to know how to enable it) and to use eclipse as IDE
    With this config you can do step by step debuging see variables and so on .



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