Remote syslog over WAN

  • I'm curious to hear opinions about using remote syslog services like papertrail or loggy (free plans) for a home network. My main concern is about sending the logs unencrypted since pfSense's syslog doesn't support encryption. What do you think?

  • The lack of encryption alone would give me pause.  Perhaps go get a Raspberry Pi and make a local Syslog server out of it, or an old PC?

  • Another possibility is to send it over an OpenVPN connection. You can select a source address in the syslog settings and have it just use the OpenVPN interface.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. At the end, even if I liked the idea of the online syslog service, the lack of encryption dissuaded me. Maye in the future it would be nice to have rsyslog with TLS support in pfSense.

    I opted for a bit of an unorthodox solution. I had my old Nexus S phone just sitting in a drawer so I tried installing the Server Unlimited Pro app on it, set up a syslog server and smb share, power it with a usb cable from the Alix box and it worked. Now I have a very small power efficient syslog server that I can access from my Windows clients :)

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