PFsense routing with Metro switch Cisco ME3400

  • Hello all,

    I'm lost …

    My ISP provided me a metro switch cisco ME3400 (connected with fiber to ISP) and two address ranges :

    172.xx.22.60/30 (the 172.xx.22.61 is pingable throught Ge0/0)
    196.xx.110.104/29 (ISP said is my Public IP range).
    No Vlan

    What should I put on pfsense wan?

    My ISP don't want to support me the said me to buy a cisco router, to do the setup.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Ok found solution!

    Setting the wan :
    IP 172.xx.22.62 , gateway 172.x.22.61

    Firewall NAT 1:1
    external ip 196.xx.110.105 to all (*)

    The problem now is  pfsense is not accessible from the wan…

  • You have to create rules to allow unsolicited traffic to ingress your firewall.

  • Hello thank's for the reply.

    Here screenshoot of rules.

    The ping is working but client openvpn not see the server..

  • Did you fix this?

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