Port testing.

  • I'm having some issues getting Unreal Tournament 3 to be 'hostable' from my rig behind pfsense….

    I've gone thru all the stickies/faq's about port forwarding etc.

    I have set the correct 'inbound' ports.

    I have set the outbounds to 'static port' both on a general rule , and a port specific one.(as suggested in the cs:source sticky) ......

    Now , I do know how to forward ports correctly.Every other port I've ever set worked perfectly , however , I'm certainly not a routing expert.Or a bsd one for that matter.I use the webgui as much as I can    ;)

    This leads me to my question.

    I'd like to be able to test ( with 3rd party software or whatever) whether my pfsense router has actually opened the ports correctly , so I can eliminate this as the problem.

    I do have a 2nd machine with a diff IP as well.....If this helps.I've been getting mixed results with portscans .

  • tcpdump on the pfSense box is the best way to ensure that traffic coming in on the WAN is being allowed out onto the LAN and is being responded to.

  • awesome…..I'll check that too.

    I actually used another method to confirm the ports opened correctly....

    Netcat on both rigs. (awesome program)

    The ports are forwarding just fine.

    Thanks !

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