Access from pulic to access dvr priv rule help

  • i have a video dvr at home. i need to allow access from (wife's and family's phones) that has the remote video app on their phone to the priv inside dvr app.

    do i need to do a rule under NAT [and] under WAN firewall rules?

    i put one rule under firewall rules:

    <tcp proto=""><any src=""><any prt=""><inside ip="" dest=""><app port="">that didn't work as it got blocked according to logs.

    then i put in rule in Firewall NAT - port forward:

    <if wan=""><proto tcp=""><src any=""><src ports=""><dest addr="" wan=""><dest port=""><nat ip=""><nat port="">and then my wife outside in public could access the priv dvr app at home.

    do i need both or just the one NAT rule in this case?
    one to allow from public and then one to handle the NAT?</nat></nat></dest></dest></src></src></proto></if></app></inside></any></any></tcp>

  • Just one NAT rule.  The NAT rule will create a linked firewall rule.


  • i see. that simplifies it. thanks for the reply and help

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