New pfsense box for home use

  • hi all, decided to jump on the pfsense banwagon - coming from ddwrt on a netgear r7000 (dual core arm). I have a cable connection @ 60/10.

    I run a home office, so it has to work properly. otherwise, I stream movie, download torrents, connect to my router via openvpn when aborad, etc

    Basically me and my parents use the internet, with me being 80%+ of it. It just has to work.

    I was looking @ ASRock Q1900M ( with 8-16gb of ram and a dual port (or quad) intel nic card as a mini itx build for my router. Was going to use a set of 300gb sata drives i have here in raid 1 for the boot devices. I realize that this is OVERKILL, but tinkering here and there keeps me amused and sane..

    I will use the r7000 for wifi.

    will this setup work? otherwise I was going to get a dual core Celeron and a minix itx s1150 board.


  • For a home build with not super extreme fast internet, this is a good board.

    I've been saying that I don't think its the right board for 200Mb/s internet, but for simple home use, without alot of excessive packages seems like it should be fine.

    I like it better that the board you showed because its got 2 onboard NIC ports.

  • I am on the same ship. I will go to built my unit based on supermicro board based on C2558 atom. It is overkill but I need something for future bandwidth improvements.

  • The Asrock Q1900M has a single LAN port and it is Realtek.
    If you plan to use a dual or quad port LAN card, you may want to consider that the PCI-e x16 slot runs at x1 mode.

    1 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 Slot (PCIE2 @ x1 mode)

    But as already said, you will probably be fine at that speed.


  • Have a look at the J19000 - more than capable :)

  • the limited pcie @ 1x on the integrated Celeron boards is what is tuning me away

  • Netgate Administrator

    It's PCI-e 2.0 so even a 1x slot can shift ~4Gbps. There's probably some other bottle neck that will stop you first. What are you wanting to put in there?  ;)


  • several vpns at once.

    Going with the dual core Pentium haswell @ 3ghz that I got for free. The ASUS H87I-PLUS looks like a good idea given its intel i217 lan. either 8 or 16gb of ram. An ebay Intel PRO/1000 PCI-e Gigabit Dual-Port Lan Card.

    basic cheapy itx case and a seasonic psu I have here.

    not sure what type of CF card/ssd to use, or just go with an old set of HDs

    EDIT: just found this for 175$ basically what the board and network card will cost me. ->

    may go for this instead