External access through dynalias redirect when on internal LAN

  • Hi there

    Im a bit of a PFSense Newbie having recently switched over from Smoothwall.  Im simply amazed at how fantastic and configurable PFSense is and its community support is amazing!

    Anyway i have a bit of a problem.  There is a server on my internal network that hosts files.  I allow access off site through a different port which is port forwarded to the correct port.
    ie an IPad connects to xxxxxx.dynalias.com:9434 which is then forwarded to server  This works fine and dandy when they are off site


    when they bring the device to work, they get an IP from the WLAN and they fail to connect to the server.

    Is it possible to configure this on PFSense?  Im sure it would be but im struggling with it.  I assume its under NAT?


  • You need to configure the NAT proxy. You'll find it in the "Advanced" section.

    System >> Advanced >> Networking

    The last section ( bottom section ) has a drop down menu with the settings you need.

    If you do not was to proxy all traffic you can set it as per the rule. The settings are at the bottom of your NAT rule.

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