Redirecting or spoofing DNS

  • Is there a way to make the DNS forwarder service run with ip which is Google public DNS server for internal LAN clients? I don't mean forwarding DNS queries to that server, but making pfSense DNS forwarder "impersonate" when a client tries to connect to it.

    The reason I need this is because the latest update of the Netflix app for Android seems to be bypassing the client assigned DNS server and tries to use for its DNS queries and if it cannot connect, it will not work. I don't want Netflix to use any DNS server other than the one I'm assigning to the client because that will prevent me from using region switching services which allow me to access content from regions other than mine.

    Can I create a VIP with, assign it to an interface, run DNS forwarder and make it routable from the LAN subnet?

  • Thanks for the links. I solved the problem by adding IP Aliases to the LAN interface with ip and and then select those as additionl interfaces in the DNS forwareder and it works.
    I never thought about the NAT trick, I may give it a try.

  • The NAT trick is the proper way of doing it.  Using virtual IPs for addresses you don't own is kind of a hack.

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